We brew high quality craft beer for the people, who prefer interesting and challenging flavors instead of low price and easy drinkability.


Ruosniemen Panimo (Ruosniemi Brewery) was established in 2011 after five beer-loving university engineers had a thought of finding a hobby to balance the Excel-routines in the office environment. The first brewery setup was built from old dairy equipment DIY-style. Currently the 20 hl brewhouse is the soul of our brewery.


We brew beers that we love to drink. Our portfolio is composed of a wide range of continuous products as well as various seasonal and special brews. We enjoy doing collaborations with other breweries. We also brew customized batches for companies and restaurants. Our beers are supplied in 30 l Keykegs or 0,33 l bottles.


Pikkupomo Amber Ale (6,0 %) is reddish in color and has a strong malt backbone. Traditional American hops, Cascade and Columbus add piney and floral notes.


Piirimyyjä APA (5,7 %) is beautifully orange and fruity American Pale Ale. The light malt body (with a hint of wheat) emphasizes hop characteristics. Magnum is used for bittering, Cascade for aroma and dry hopping.


Sihteeri (4,1 %) is our Belgian-styled ale. Light-bodied and blond in colour. The spices we use here are coriander, ginger and black pepper.


Työmies RSB (4,7 %) is a traditional British bitter ale without any twists or tricks.


Insinööri IPA (4,7 %) is session-IPA in style and it’s all about aroma hops. Five varieties in total: Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial, Citra and Simcoe.


Diplomi-insinööri DIPA (8,0 %) is our double-IPA. Pale and strong, the ultimate tropical hop bomb. IBUs are a-plenty, 107.


Vahtimestari Vanilla Porter (6,1 %) is black and roasty and has notes of smooth chocolate and vanilla in the taste.


Vuorineuvos Imperial Stout (9,5 %) is pitch black and well balanced with a good amount of Columbus hops. Have one with a dessert!


Ruosniemi Brewery is run by seven guys with a wide range of engineering skills, uncompromising attitude towards brewing and a passion for developing the beer culture. Juho-Matti, Jussi and Antti I. are on the driving seat - other partners help along their daily jobs. This combination has made us one of the fastest growing craft breweries in Finland.